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Not sure what to rent?

If you aren’t sure what equipment you need or have any technical questions regarding equipment please phone Keith on 079 353 8786 or click here to email Keith.

For all bookings and availability regarding rentals please phone Keith on 0793538786 or click here to email Keith 


Where do I collect my rental and drop off?

Pickup and drop off in business hours:


R & R Bedding
Shop no 6,
Edenglen retail centre,
Harris str,
East Johannesburg
residence and Copy of ID book, or Passport

55 Elm str

Pickup and drop off after hours:
ONLY by phone arrangement!

Keith (079 353 8786)
55 Elm str Primrose



When does my rental period begin and end?

The rental period starts the day you collect the item or the day the item is delivered. When renting an item, you may collect the item from 15:00 the day prior to the day of rental, or at arranged time. The item needs to be dropped of the morning (BEFORE 12:00) after the rental day. So if you are renting for a weekend, you can collect the item on the Friday afternoon and drop the item off on the Monday morning after the weekend.

Collecting before 15:00 or dropping off after 12:00 will be considered as a extra day of rental.



Can I reserve a rental item?

Simply contact us and place the order for the rental item(s) on 0793538786


Can I place an order for an item that is out of stock?

Yes, you are able to put in an order for an "out of stock" item, for reservation when the rental item becomes available. When placing an order, please indicate the date you would like the rental item.


What comes with a lens rental?

We try to provide each lens with all the accessories it came with brand new. 

Each lens will arrive with front and rear caps. Many lenses will have an accompanying padded case. The lenses that come with lens hoods from the factory will have one as well. 

Everything you receive must be returned when your rental period expires.



May I extend my rental?

The short answer is ... maybe. 

Please contact us before your rental period expires if you wish to extend. If there are no other customers waiting in line for your item, we will be happy to extend your rental. However, if there's somebody else waiting for your rental item, you must return the lens by the end of your rental period.


What comes with a camera rental?

We will provide all camera bodies with a body cap, a camera strap, a charger, battery and one memory card. Extra batteries and CF cards are available for rental. Please note that cameras do not come with any lenses and you must rent a lens if you want to shoot with the SLR you rented, or you can rent a package.


Do you offer custom rental periods?

Yes. If the generic per day or 1, 2, 3 or 4 week increments do not work for you, please contact us. We will work to accommodate your needs.


Can I take the rental outside of South Africa?

Not at this time, no.



What if I wish to rent something you do not currently offer?

We are constantly striving to provide you with the most complete and extensive inventory in the business. Please contact us and if we have had enough previous demands, we will buy an item just to rent it out to you.



Do you have any customers who can provide testimonials about your service?

Unlike most places, we don't put up hand-picked testimonials that make us look good, but instead encourage people to leave feedback on a third party forum letting us know what's wrong (and what's right) about our service. Using this system, we have gained a lot of good feedback. Please follow these links to read what people have to say about us:



Do you charge a deposit?


To book an item 20% non-refundable admin fee is levied which must be paid within 48 hours to secure your booking.



This admin fee is no-refundable upon cancellation of reservation.






Do you charge late fees?


Unfortunately, yes. 

We determine if you owe a late fee based on the time stamp of the return. A full days rental + 20% penalty fee will be incured for each day that you're late. The fee is easily avoided by extending your rental period.




What is the cancellation procedure?

If you must cancel the order, please contact us. 

Note that a cancellation fee may apply.



Is there anything else I need to know or consider?

Please note that if you order very expensive items and are a first time customer, we might ask you to provide additional information regarding your identity.



Can I pick up the rental items in person?


Yes , pick ups and deliveries are from 7 Ethan Close , Leith rd Bartlett

Proof of residence and Copy of ID book, or Passport as well as proof of payment needs to be brought with.




Pickup and drop off after hours:

ONLY by phone arrangement!


Keith (0793538786)

55 Elm str Primrose 1401


If you have any qeustions please contact Keith on 0793538786




What will I need on the day of my pick-up?

The person who places the order needs to be the one who picks it up and we cannot release rentals to friends, family members, etc., unless there are extenuating circumstances that needs to be aranged before hand. Additionally, you will need to provide a valid green ID document or drivers license or for international visitors, a valid passport. 

You will also be required to sign our rental agreement.



Do you offer shipping?

We are currently not shipping items due to courier costs, however we can discuss this for extreme situations.


Where do you ship to?

We are currently not shipping items due to courier costs, however we can discuss this for extreme situations.





Drop off after hours:

ONLY by phone arrangement!


Keith (079 353 8786)
55 Elm Str Primrose



If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us. (Keith 0793538786)


What is covered by the insurance?

Most unintentional damage to the item is covered under this mandatory insurance policy. 


Lost or stolen items are not covered, however your renter's, homeowner's or photographer's insurance policies might cover this situation - please check with your insurance broker.



Is the equipment in good working order?

Prior to collecting your order, we verify functionality of each rental item. 

We will not send you a malfunctioning piece of gear! We perform visual inspection, and will take sample pictures of our cat to verify image quality. 


If we notice any functional defects, the equipment will be sent to the repair shop instead of you. We will do our best to notify you of any issues in a timely manner and provide you with the opportunity to modify your order in case we get inoperable equipment back from a previous rental.



What if I damage the equipment and don't buy the insurance?

We understand that accidents happen. 


Please contact us immediately.

Return the rental to us as soon as possible and we will evaluate the damage. In case the damage really exists and it's not operator error, we will estimate the repair charges (based on our previous repairs), place a temporary authorization hold on your credit card for that amount and send the rental off to the original manufacturer for repairs. 


We will charge you exactly what the repair shop charges us, and can provide you with a copy of the receipt at your request. You will also be responsible for the lost revenue during the time the rental item is being repaired.



What do you consider damage?

Minor scratches to the lens barrel and hood are considered the results of ordinary wear and tear and will not result in damage assessments. 

Scratches to the glass, damage to the coupling or any other part that affects the lens' performance will be considered damage.


Non-returnable original caps & memory card will be for the customer's expense.



Do you ever buy used equipment?

Yes. We are always looking for new equipment to rent out, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you are selling some gently used camera equipment.



Do you ever sell your equipment?

We do occasionally sell off some of our camera gear. If something is for sale, it will be announced on the front page and will have a "buy" option next to it on the product page.


Rental Agreement

Click here for a download of the Rental Agreement 


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